Black Friday is coming...

The countdown is on!

With Black Friday 2021 landing on 26 November, get your wish list ready because time is ticking.
We’ve been working our magic to make your Black Friday dreams a reality and can confirm that this year, everyone's a winner. We love your spirit but like your birthday, this special event only happens once a year (sob). Good things come to those who wait, right? 
Get ready and don't miss out! There will be incredible deals available on all patches & stickers for Omnipods, Dexcom G6, Freestyle Libre, T-Slim, Novopens, MiaoMiao's, Medtronic Pumps, the list goes on! 

What is Black Friday?

The biggest and best shopping event of the year! Originating in the US, Black Friday is an annual event where retailers slash their prices, AKA the best day for savvy shoppers and bargain hunters like you! Over the past few years, it’s quickly become the busiest shopping day of the year, both online and in-stores so you can bag a bargain from the comfort of your own home or come visit us in person. When is Black Friday? Black Friday will be 26 November 2021

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