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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has jeopardized the supply of insulin and food for thousands of diabetics displaced by the conflict.

Without access to Insulin they are days away from lethal ketoacidosis, and without food they are hours away from crippling hypoglycemia.

You can support our efforts to distribute medical supplies and Insulin to our Ukrainian cousins by purchasing patches and stickers and wearing them to raise awareness.

100% of proceeds from the sale of these patches and stickers will go toward helping diabetics. If you are not diabetic, choose the generic overpatch and wear it on your skin for 14 days to raise awareness, or ask us to donate it to the conflict.

Product features are found on other product pages, this one what we need to raise money for and where it will go.

  • We need to raise money to pay for refrigerated transport of Insulin to eastern Poland and Ukraine. We will use the road network to guarantee efficient arrival.
  • We are receiving spare supplies from diabetics around the world. We need to purchase the missing parts to ensure we can send them to Ukraine.
  • We will purchase high-impact but expensive supplies that the diabetic community cannot afford to donate, such as special types of insulin pen.
  • When possible we will fund emergency medical transport for diabetics in distress from ketoacidosis or hypoglycemia, or direct local resources to them.
  • We will use excess funds on further supplies or to support local groups and charities, like Doctors Without Borders.
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