Voyager Insulin Travel Fridge


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The Voyager is capable of indefinite refrigeration when powered. An innovative cooler that uses powered refrigeration to keep your insulin cool & safe in hot climates.

  • Maintains inside temperature range of 36-46°F / 2-8°C
  • Unlimited refrigeration when powered
  • Perfect for travel, trips to the beach, or general use in hot climates
  • Anti-freeze security
  • Emergency backup function if you run out of power
  • Holds 7 insulin pens or many more vials
  • Sleek & silent lightweight design

How to use your mini medical fridge on USB Power Function:

  1. Place your auto-injector pens or medication vials inside the USB-lid tube as shown in the pictures. Close your mini travel fridge and plug it into a power source. That's it!

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