If you’ve chosen to use a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), like a Dexcom Stelo or Dexcom G7, then you’ll already know they help you:

  1. Better understand your blood glucose and how it is ‘behaving’;
  2. Make more-informed decisions about your insulin management;
  3. Keep your blood glucose levels stable;
  4. Reduce both hypo and hyper episodes; and
  5. Decrease the risk of developing diabetes-related complications.

Many CGM users share a very common concern: what if your CGM sensor falls off or gets knocked off? What if – as a very real-life example – it gets caught in your bedsheets during the night? Not only would it be a painful experience, but you’ll need to buy a replacement – and they’re not cheap. (Your concerns might be greater still if the CGM is for your type one diabetic child.)


Why patches are the best way to stop your CGM sensor falling off

These are the top 3 ways we found that CGM patches make T1D life easier for you:

CGM Patches give you real peace of mind

Adhesive CGM patches provide a longer-lasting safeguard for our CGMs or Insulin Pumps. Ours are made from proven, effective, non-fraying medical materials - making them even more reliable. Our patches are trusted by thousands of customers around the world to safeguard their CGMs, insulin pumps, and other diabetes devices. Whether you are using a Dexcom G7, a Libre 2, an Omnipod, or something else, you’ll find a patch for it, giving you the same level of protection and support.

CGM patches save you money

If your CGM gets knocked off, you have to replace it – and they aren’t cheap! By keeping your CGM fixed firmly in place, you don’t need to worry about paying out £50 (US$63/€59) for a new one. In a recent customer survey we found that the average T1D knocks their CGM off SIX TIMES per year; that’s up to £300 of loss without patches.

Did you know a Dexcom G6 user can protect their device with patches all year-round for just £40 per year?

Patches free you up to be active and do all the things you love

We all know that exercise is so important to helping you stay healthy when you are T1D. We also know that your mental health is as important as your physical health. If you know your CGM is stuck firmly in place, then you will be more confident to do the activities you love doing. Helping you stay healthier and happier – and living your life to the fullest!

New to CGM patches?

Try any of our patches you like for free with code SAMPLE. There are over 350 designs to choose from!

By keeping your CGM firmly in place, patches give you real peace of mind. So, live your life to the fullest, free from anxiety of CGM mishaps!

 Discover what people are saying about our wonderful patches, and follow us on Instagram here for inspiring users’ stories. Check out all our 5-star reviews too!


Sunflower Patch

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Sunflower Patch

€3,01 +