We all know about patches. They cover our diabetes devices. They help us to express ourselves.

But do you need them? Yes. Patches help in a range of ways and they can make a big difference. Just like below:

  1. They protect your device from knocks and bumps
  2. They ensure your device stays on in water
  3. They can even keep your Dexcom on for 21+ days if you hack your CGM to save money
  4. They look fantastic and make devices seem less clinical
  5. And choosing what patch to wear can drastically improve device change stresses for children

A blue mandala patch for continuous glucose monitors to stop them from falling off

Do they sound useful to you? Then you probably need them. They’re available for Dexcom, Freestyle Libre, Guardian, and Omnipod, and we do custom designs and shapes for free, for anyone.

Unsure? You can try your first patch free with code SAMPLE, with free delivery.

Take your devices from cold & clinical to personalised & protected with Kids, Floral, Sports, and many other design ranges

So, what designs will you choose?

Upgrade your device today

Sunflower Patch

€3,00 +

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Sunflower Patch

€3,00 +