Air Transport Patch - Dexcom G6 / One for Single diabetes CGMs and insulin pumps

Air Transport Patch - Dexcom G6 / One

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Air Transport Patch - Dexcom G6 / One for Single diabetes CGMs and insulin pumps

Air Transport Patch - Dexcom G6 / One


Air Transport Patch - Dexcom G6 / One

Pack Size: Single

Complete your CGM with one of our patches! An adhesive tape that slots nicely around your device, protecting it and securing it against bumps, knocks, and water. They'll keep your device on and safe during workouts, showers, runs, and anything else you can throw at it.

Check out the features below!

  • Non-sensitizing and medically safe fabrics with ISO accreditation
  • Extremely high moisture vapour transfer rate (MVTR) for proven breathability
  • Hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive for safe and strong adhesion
  • 21+ day wear time with four-way stretch for maximum comfort
  • Sweat-proof, water-proof, and fray-proof to live your life worry free
  • Large thick backing for quick and easy one-handed application
  • Free matching centre sticker included with every patch
  • We use a patented and medically-safe ink technology for best-in-market vibrancy, quality and peace of mind

What's more, these are manufactured lovingly by us, in-house.

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How patches will help you

A type one diabetic girl wearing a Sunflower Dexcom G6 adhesive patch.

No more lost sensors, and the stress that goes with it. Keep your device protected with patches built to endure swimming, team sports, and so much more.

How patches will help you

A type one diabetic girl wearing a CGM patch for her Freestyle Libre.

Premium clinical-grade materials built for skin safety and extended-wear performance.

How patches will help you

A person wearing a waterproof CGM patch in a pool.

Live with confidence with 100% waterproof & sweatproof adhesive technology to last up to 21 days.

How patches will help you

A person wearing a Vibrant Flowers CGM tape for her Dexcom G6 by Type One Style.

Proven breathability with a high moisture-vapor transfer rate (MVTR) for extended wear.

How patches will help you

A happy child wearing a Cow Print Adhesive CGM patch for her Dexcom G6.

Certified hypoallergenic & latex-free patches, designed for long-term comfort on sensitive skin.

How patches will help you

Five different CGM patch styles in the Dexcom G6 shape.

Express yourself with the widest range of designs. Choose from 300 styles to match your personality & wear with pride.

A list of benefits of Type One Style adhesive CGM patches.

Recent testimonials

Sarah B - I love type one style patches! They are the only patches on the market that my skin doesn't have a bad reaction to, they go on easily and come off, with a little help, easily! And don't get me started on all the brilliant designs!! I love them all!

Recent testimonials

Gordon G - Didn't want to purchase until I was sure I wasn't allergic to the adhesive. The adhesive on other patches I have bought was no compatible with my sensitive skin. Thankfully I was offered a free sample patch. Love them. No irritation at all.

Recent testimonials

Donna S - After becoming allergic to the patches that came with my guardian sensor, I tried these. Not had a problem since! Love the fact that the guardian sensor patches are avaliable unlike any other store I've looked in. My kids love picking out my new patches!

Recent testimonials

Paula G - I have received my first order for my libre 2 patches in pastels, they are absolutely amazing and such a game changer, they keep my libre secure which was why I ordered in the first place. I highly recommend to everyone!

Recent testimonials

Caroline W - Delighted with patches. Gives me confidence to wear short sleeve tops and dresses again!

Recent testimonials

Tina S - I have a really hard time with adhesives. So bad as I break out in welts and hives after it touches my skin and upon removing. I’ve had great luck with these! I have yet to break out around the edges or even had the welts or hives appear. I highly recommend checking these out. They stay out and I no longer worry about having to change each time I go outside and sweat or after each shower. I only wish I had found this company sooner!

List of benefits of type one style patches for rtCGMs and diabetes devices.

Why Type One Style?

Made for T1Ds, by T1Ds

We started when our own Dexcom G6 was ripped off in the night. We know what it's like.

Unmatched Performance

Get the full wear-time, every time, with just one patch per sensor. Patches you can trust.

Endorsed by Clinicians

Our patches are used by clinicians worldwide, and distributed by 20+ major hospitals.

Trusted by

96.2% of surveyed users would recommend us to a friend, and 99.1% would order again.


What are Type One Style patches for?

Our patches are for protecting CGMs and Insulin pumps that are worn on the skin. Patches protect them from coming off via water, knocks, bumps, and the device adhesive getting caught on clothing. The wide designs also improve user confidence in wearing their device loud and proud, and allow you to express yourself & “own” your devices.

What devices do you support?

We support the following devices with patches:

Freestyle Libre 1 & 2 (Same shape)
Dexcom G6 & Dexcom One (Same shape)
Dexcom G7
Freestyle Libre 3 (Overpatches)
Omnipod 4 & 5
Guardian 3 & 4, Enlite, and Connect (Same shape)
Medtrum Nano CGM & Pump
Glucomen Day CGM
GlucoRX Aidex CGM
Infusion Sets

How much money do I save by using patches?

Let’s take an example Freestyle Libre user. You’ll be using 26 sensors per year, which at £50 per sensor totals £1,300 of equipment. To protect these, you’d need 26 patches per year, at 14 days per patch. At £1.99 per patch, you’re spending around £52 on patches per year to protect that £1,300 of sensor. If the patches work once during an entire year, and stop one sensor coming off, you break even. If the patches work twice, and save two sensors, you’ve saved 100% of your spend. The average user loses between 4 to 5 sensors per year by accident, and so Type One Style patches save at least 4x more than they cost to use. The smart choice!

How much stress could I save by using patches?

A lot! When we lose a sensor, it wrecks our day. Not only is there the financial cost, but we need to apply a new one & perhaps even make a call to order a new one. If you’re using a connected pump, it’s going to interfere with your insulin delivery and your glucose control for the day is likely to be all over the place. You’ll also need to switch to finger pricking until you can get a new sensor on. Not to mention you have to go through the application of another sensor and any pain from that. All preventable with a Type One Style patch 😊

Do I need to use multiple patches per sensor?

No. Our patches are designed for clinical extended wear, so they are not removeable. Other low quality brands provide patches with a non-adhesive center so that their patch can be removed when it starts to degrade, and a new one applied. These brands require 3 patches per sensor, and end up costing at least 30% more than using Type One Style patches. With Type One Style, it’s always one patch per sensor, guaranteed. We use regulated medical materials; not just sports tape cut to shape like others.

Can I take the patches off half-way through?

No. Our patches are designed to last the full wear time, and up to 21 days. Saying that, our personal best is 36 days! They have a strong adhesive and will bring the CGM with it when they are to be removed.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, they are completely waterproof in chlorinated, fresh, and saltwater. They are also sweatproof, shower proof, and fine for extended-submergence in water (diving, etc). They are also safe in hot & humid climates; they have been tested in 40C+ heat at 95% humidity.

Are they hypoallergenic?

Yes, our patches are hypoallergenic and ISO certified biocompatible. They are latex free and free of all major allergens. Note that hypoallergenic simply means “low allergens”, and no brand in any medical sector of any kind can ever guarantee that a specific person won’t develop hypersensitivity to a product straight away, or later on. This is a clinical-grade material produced under strictly regulated manufacturing standards for the utmost skin safety.

Are they suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes. These are designed for extended wear in clinical settings. They need to be safe for the vast majority of users, including patients with extremely fragile and delicate skin. They have a four-way stretch and a gentle bonding process.

How long do your patches last?

They last up to 21 days. The instruction booklet provided with each order needs to be followed to the letter without a single discrepancy; the technology in the patches must be applied in a certain way, unlike other patches.

What is an overpatch?

An overpatch is simply a patch without a center cut-out for the device. They go straight over the top of the device.

Can I get a free sample to try out?

Definitely! Just choose any patch you like, and enter code SAMPLE at the checkout. This will give you 100% off the patch. You still need to pay shipping though – as a small business, we can’t afford to subsidize that for the amount of samples we give out everyday, we’d go bust!

Where are your patches made & shipped from?

Our patches are made, packaged, and shipped from the UK. We process raw materials into the finished patch here, near London.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to over 160+ countries.

Can I shop in my own currency?

Yes, you can select any currency you like from the currency selector on screen.

How do I contact customer support?

Just email or head over to our contact form. If you’re using the app, you can swipe all the way to the right to message us there. You can also use the chat function on our site. The chat service is not live and is only manned during UK working hours. Chat messages receive the highest priority from customer support, so get the quickest reply times.

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