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5 reasons why you need a CGM Patch

Published: 28 Feb 2024, Author: Charlie Cawsey

If you have chosen to use a CGM, like Dexcom or Libre, for yourself – or your T1D child - you know that it already has adhesive to keep it attached. Depending on which country you live in, the cost of being T1D may already be enormous. So, do you really need an extra patch? The overwhelming feedback from our customers is: “Yes!”.


5 Reasons CGM patches will help you

 1. “CGM patches give me real peace of mind”

Our sensor patches will ensure that your CGM sensor will last its expected lifetime. As long as you apply the patch correctly, your CGM will be kept safely in place for the full wear-time. By keeping it securely fixed, CGM patches will give you peace of mind that your CGM will be working perfectly day and night.

 Our Springtime Bloom Dexcom G7 Patch

 2. “CGM patches actually save me money”

 CGMs are not cheap. Replacing your CGM when it gets knocked off could cost you £50 (US$63/€59) – and let’s not forget the worry and pain if this happens. CGM patches therefore provide a longer-lasting safeguard for your - or your T1D child’s - CGM. Type One Style’s affordable CGM patches are made from proven, effective, non-fraying and waterproof materials – therefore making them even more long-lasting (and cost-effective).


 3. “Because I’m unique”

Your fingerprint’s unique to you. So’s your skin. A CGM might stick perfectly well to someone else’s skin, but you might need a little extra help ensuring it stays attached to yours. Diabetes is different for everyone!

 Our Purple Nebula diabetes sensor patch

 4. “CGM patches empower me to stay happier and healthier”

You should still be able to do all the things that you love – even if they are highly physical. Besides, it’s particularly important to stay active if you are T1D. It’s equally important that you support your mental health when you are T1D – so nothing should be out of bounds if it makes you feel happy! CGM patches ensure that your CGM will stay firmly in place; so you don’t need to worry about knocks, tugs and bumps dislodging it. Also, there’s no need to worry any longer about your CGM peeling off because of perspiration from an intense workout or from being immersed in the sea or a swimming pool. This will give you the confidence to participate in whatever activities you enjoy.


 5. “CGM patches really let me express myself!”

Some of our customers love using their patches as an opportunity to express themselves. Our range alone carries over 300 gorgeous designs, so you (or your T1D child) will find loads you’ll love, enjoy wearing – and even show off!

Whether you prefer a CGM patch that’s colourful and distinctive, clear or in a single colour, you’ll definitely find the patch for you.

You’re free to mix and match your patch depending on your mood – or outfit! Finally, because modern CGM patches are also hypoallergenic, they are safe and comfortable even for sensitive skin.


Why not find out for yourself? Try a free patch with code SAMPLE.

A sunflower patch design for CGMs and insulin pumps

Our customers also feedback regularly that our CGM patches are easy to apply (and remove!) and very comfortable. Our user-friendly website makes (re)ordering very easy too. If you haven’t tried them already, why not Whichever CGM you’re using (Dexcom, Medtronic, Omnipod, or Freestyle Libre), you’ll find a patch for it.

Discover the joy of really living your T1D life to the fullest.

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