"Self Worth" Poster

£ 5.99

 Who we are and our character is what dictates our value. Not type one diabetes. Live your live for you and don't look back. Get this piece of diabetes art delivered free as a poster today.

  • Printed in incredible QHD+ resolution onto a thick, luxurious, self-adhesive poster material.
  • An innovative removeable poster that can be re-positioned around your home as many times as you like for up to 4 years.
  • No fixings, glue, tape, or anything else whatsoever needed to install. 
  • Adheres to any surface with gentle yet immediate adhesion. 
  • Paint-friendly material that is specifically designed for use as an indoor poster. Does not leave any residue whatsoever when removed.
  • Waterproof and splash resistant, it can also be displayed outside.
  • Free worldwide delivery in protective and waterproof packaging, instructions and care guide included.

Type One Style is the original author and artist of this design.

Frames, fixings, and other items in the images are not included. 

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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