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Hi, my name is Amanda and I'm 20. I discovered my type one diabetes when I was 14 years old, seemingly coming out of nowhere at full force.

Literally within a week I was in the ICU fighting for my life! Two weeks before this I was with my doctor and she said everything was just great about my health - so I wasn't worried about becoming a diabetic. My grandfather also has type one diabetes so I am used to doing lots of medical exams. 

Despite what the doctor said, I then spent 10 days in the ICU. The first days I was barely able to sit up due to getting dizzy all the time, and I lost 8lbs in weight when I started to feel the symptoms. Since then I've been to the ICU 4 more times because I have always struggled to maintain control over my diabetes. 

But today, I feel more and more motivated to take care of my health and although I still haven't accomplished my goal of awesome control I am even closer now! 

This is my history, thank you for letting me post and show my message to others. I hope it helps somebody!


The message

Amanda kindly wrote into us with her story. A lot of us can resonate with this story, probably having been through it ourselves. Some of us are used to frustrating experiences with doctors and can feel like we are talking to a brick wall. 

Amanda is championing positivity in her story. She has been through ups and downs, but has come out on an up! Positive thinking is a choice, we should all strive to be more like Amanda!

We encourage everyone reading this to reach out to each other on Instagram, share tips that work for you in your posts and stories. You never know, your little idea might be the solution someone has desperately been searching for!

You can follow Amanda at @_mandysena


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