Our Story

How Emma lost her Dexcom G6

On a cold, quiet night in March of 2021.

Our co-founder Emma had rolled over in bed, catching the adhesive of her Dexcom G6 sensor on the bedsheet. The Dexcom G6 sensor filament was ripped out in a flash. Emma screamed in pain and agonized over losing a £50 Dexcom sensor.

The scream woke up Charlie and both of his cats, and he immediately dressed Emma's small wound and frantically searched the internet for a solution to stop her Dexcom G6 from coming off again.

Then, we discovered Dexcom patches

We discovered adhesive patches for her Dexcom G6 as a solution but were not impressed with the quality of the Dexcom patches available. We decided that we could make our own patches, with better materials and designs.

So we did just that. We cleared out the spare room, started making CGM patches for Emma by hand, and launched a little store on Instagram.

Since then, Emma has never even come close to losing another Dexcom G6 sensor.

Now, we also make Freestyle Libre patches and Omnipod tapes, so that nobody has to go through this no matter what diabetes devices they need.

It is our mission to make sure no children or adults with type one diabetes ever have to experience losing a continuous glucose monitor or even an insulin pump. That's why we put so much into making the highest quality CGM patches available. Our patch quality and performance are uncontested, to this day.

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