Klarna FAQs

Klarna is a buy now, pay later service for consumers to use at Type One Style. It allows you to pay for purchases in a range of ways. These include deferred payments, monthly instalments, and more.

Why use Klarna at Type One Style?

Living with diabetes is expensive, but there are a lot of volume deals you can get to ease the burden. Klarna allows you to get these larger bundles, which are cheaper in the long term, and pay for them gradually instead of in one big hit.

Are you considering spending £36.99 on that 20-pack of Dexcom G6 patches? Choose to Pay in 3 with Klarna and pay just £12.33 a month for 3 months. You'll also get free shipping.

How Klarna works:

  1. Choose your diabetes suppliers and start the checkout
  2. Choose Klarna as your payment method
  3. Follow the Klarna prompts, and you're all set!
  4. Get the Klarna app to manage and view your payments and more.



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