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Everything you need to know about CGM patches

Published: 19 Feb 2024, Author: Charlie Cawsey

As the ultimate and final level of protection for your rtCGM device, CGM patches have one purpose: to make diabetes management easier. They protect your Dexcom, Libre, and other diabetes tech and look great while doing so.

Why you need a CGM patch

Many CGM users find that the medical adhesive on their sensor, pump, or cannula doesn’t last the full lifecycle of your device; a recent survey of ours uncovered that the average person loses 20% of their CGMs each year.

Purple Nebula CGM Patch for Dexcom, Libre, and more

Everyone’s skin is different and so your experience will vary from other people’s. If your Dexcom or Libre sensor is coming off early, then you need an adhesive patch.

Three key reasons to use a CGM patch

  1.  Peace of mind that your sensor will last the full wear-time
  2. Freedom to live life how you want and stop worrying about knocks, bumps, and tugs!
  3. Security, ensuring your device will be kept safely in place, helping it to work perfectly – day and night.

How will CGM patches benefit you?


  • You’re struggling with device adhesion problems;
  • Your lifestyle is highly active; or
  • Your device is regularly getting caught in clothing or peeling up at the edges 

Then a CGM patch will ensure you have one less thing to worry about!

Sunflower CGM Patch for Dexcom, Libre, and more

Why do some people’s patches stay on longer?

Everyone’s skin is different, so don’t expect “one size to fit all”. What might be the perfect patch for someone else may not be right for you. We all have different levels of oil in our skin, some of us sweat more than others, some of us shower twice as much, and some of us live in hot climates; and so much more.

When is the best time to apply your CGM sensor patch?

We find the optimum time to apply our patch is an hour (at least) after showering and before we go to bed. This is because the adhesive on a CGM patch is activated as soon as it touches our skin but takes 24 hours to reach maximum sticking power. During this time, it is critical that you protect your patch from moisture, sweat, and water. If you apply the patch before bedtime, this ensures a relatively uneventful first part of the maturation phase. 

10 top tips to help your CGM patch stay on longer

Type One Style patches are made from a unique material, and unlike other brands will last up to 21 days; if for some reason it doesn’t, we’ll send you a new patch free, each time.

Here’s a few pointers to ensure that your patches go the full distance.

  1.  Choose the best location for your device – ideally, a hair-free spot.
  2. Ensure your skin is clean and free from oils, moisturisers or lotions. (To be sure, wipe the area with an alcohol wipe.)
  3. Your skin should be completely dry before applying your CGM patch; even things like flonase will interfere with the adhesive.
  4. Try and avoid touching the sticky side of the patch; every bit of adhesive you touch will be neutralized and that part of the patch won’t stick.
  5. Avoid wrinkling the patch - it will last longer if you manage to apply it crease-free.
  6. Rub the CGM patch to activate the adhesive and get it into all the nooks and crannies of your skin.
  7. Keep the CGM patch dry for at least 2 hours after applying it.
  8. Don’t use moisturizer, oil-based body washes, or sunscreen near your CGM patch.
  9. And don’t pick at the patch! That will loosen it.

What’s the best way to remove your CGM patch?

When it’s time to change your device your patch will still be going strong. We find that the best way to remove CGM patches is after a warm shower or bath. If it’s a struggle to remove the CGM patch, or it just won’t come off, oils help loosen the adhesive. Tea tree oil is particularly effective, in our experience!

Wizard CGM Patch for Dexcom, Libre, and more

CGM patches help you live your life fearlessly

Can you wear a CGM patch in water?

Yes. Our patches are designed to stay on if you are in the bath, shower, hot tub; or swimming in a pool or the sea. Notable patch users of ours include deep sea divers and competitive swimmers; those patches get very wet, every day.

Can I do sports with my CGM?

Yes. Our patches are designed to stay on during exercise, and we even have one customer using them to protect her Omnipod on the front of her thigh – she’s a forward prop for a Rugby team too.

Will my sensor come off if I am somewhere hot or humid?

No. Once your patch adhesive has matured after 24 hours, that’s it. There is nothing you can do to reduce the strength of the adhesion. 

Caring for your CGM patches

Ensure that your CGM patches are stored so that they are in optimum condition before you’re ready to use them. Keep the patches in a secure, waterproof container. And don’t leave them anywhere super-hot (eg a boiling car in direct sunlight) - the heat could degrade the adhesive.

Express yourself with your CGM patches

Many CGM patches are not just functional – they can also look fantastic! So don’t miss this opportunity to express your personality! Check out our huge range of 350+ designs – we’re sure you’ll find some that you’ll love.

New to CGM patches? Try one for free today with code SAMPLE.

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