Meet the Team


Charlie is the founder and managing director of Type One Style. Charlie has extensive experience having worked in healthcare and medical safety for a number of years. He has also completed studies for an advanced degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Surrey, as well as a range of other qualifications.

He launched Type One Style from his spare room in April 2021 and has been working at it day and night since. Outside of Type One Style, Charlie runs a non-profit called United with Ukraine and advocates for autism, ADHD, and all aspects of mental health. Outside of work, Charlie is asleep. If he's awake, he's at work.

Charlie, founder and managing director at type one style


Emma is engaged to Charlie, and they live together in Kent in the UK. Emma has had type one diabetes for 26 years and currently uses a Dexcom G6 with a T:Slim X2 insulin pump. Emma was the inspiration for starting Type One Style, when her Dexcom G6 was ripped out in the night and Charlie discovered patches as a solution. Emma continues to drive the vision for Type One Style, and outside of work enjoys horse-riding, CrossFit, and karate.