Revealed: The truth behind our free sticker events

Decorating our diabetes devices can make a real difference to our well-being. That little bit of personalization & colorful flair helps us to express ourselves. We can quickly turn a cold & clinical look into a bright & beautiful look.

Why does Type One Style give away so much to so many? 

It sounds crazy to give anybody, anywhere, £20 of free stickers. How can we afford that? Does it even make sense?

Well, it is pretty painful. We're a small business, and our Free Sticker events are brutal to run.

But we have a great reason to do it - a personal one. 

It started when our relationship with our devices changed.

We use a Novopen, T:Slim X2, Dexcom G6, and many other devices daily. While these devices are amazing, we've had a negative relationship with them in the past. For us, our devices became daily reminders of the stress of diabetes, and we couldn't take them off to escape that reminder, either.

It's not fun living with that, so we decided to make a change. 

We used stickers to take back control of our relationship with our devices.

We started decorating our devices to remove that cold & unwavering clinical look. We wanted to own our devices and make them an extension of us. We didn't want them to influence how we felt about ourselves - we wanted to take that power back.

Colorful stickers were that small change we needed. Changing designs added a bit of fun, as did coordinating our devices' look with our outfits. It gave a positive experience to our routine that we could cling to. 

From that point, using our devices wasn't always negative. We started to celebrate them, and people would comment on how nice they looked, and we felt proud to wear them out in the open. 

The little things added up to make a real difference.

Life with diabetes is about hundreds of small & repetitive moments. It's relentless - we don't get time off, so we must work with it. Below are some of the moments stickers helped us:

  1. If we were frustrated about an infusion site change, we could choose a new design while waiting for it. 
  2. If we were anxious about a CGM application, we knew we could choose a sticker design afterward.
  3. If we needed more confidence in our outfit for the day, we could add a bright sticker & get that extra flair we needed.

While these seem very small, they had a significant impact. We ended each frustrating experience with a final, positive note. From this, stickers gave us more control over how we felt.

So why are we giving out stickers to anyone & everyone?

Yes, it's expensive. Yes, it's a nightmare to pick & pack so much. And yes, we'll be working late & missing love island every night.

But it's why we started Type One Style - so we could be in a position to support other people just like us & help the diabetes community.

We do this because we can. Because we want people with diabetes to get the same benefits out of stickers that we do. 

We must do more than sit by with a solution and leave the rest of the world struggling. We're stronger together, and we hope to prove this through our actions.

Those small moments where a sticker adds a little happiness repeated thousands of times per person per year, make a big difference over time. 

If we can help you a little, we will - and we are. 

That's also why our stickers cost as much as 5x less than other brands - we could charge 3x more and still be much better, but we don't. We want as many people as possible to have access to the benefits.

What's so great about Type One Style stickers?

Well, quite a lot. They're not just stickers; they're the Rolls Royce of stickers. Here's a list!

  1. Unlike others, we take the time to print them all in crisp, stunning 4k resolution.
  2. We use patented inks that are much more vibrant.
  3. They're completely waterproof.
  4. They're reusable! You can take them off and put them back on without any effort for up to 4 years. Just put it back on the paper you peeled it off of. Seriously, up to 4 years.
  5. They're made by us here in the UK out of premium vinyl. We use high-quality vinyl so that you have durable stickers and because of the special ink that we use for you.
  6. We have over 100 designs to choose from, and we support more devices than any other. We're always bringing out new styles too.

I want a better relationship with my devices - what's next?

Head to our website or app, choose the decorative stickers you'd like to order for free and head to the checkout. Remember to grab the order priority pack in your cart, too; you'll get priority dispatch amongst the chaos here.

You can download our app here or browse sticker designs here.

Then, enter code FREE23 at the checkout, and your discount will be applied to make the stickers free. If you add patches, bears, or other things to your cart and spend over £20, you'll also get free shipping.

So next time you look at your devices, and they frustrate you, remember to add a sticker. Next time you look, the first thing you'll see is that bright positivity.

No one should take on diabetes alone. We're all in this together, and at Type One Style, we are proud to champion this philosophy for our community.