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Customise your diabetes devices with our beautiful range of stickers today. Who said diabetes wasn't pretty? Just choose your device from the drop down menu and check out the features below.


  • High-spec gloss vinyl for superior colour vibrancy and detail
  • Quick, easy, one-handed application with a gentle paper backing
  • Engineered with a waterproof coating so you can live life without worry
  • Semi-permanent adhesive that is easily removable and can be regularly re-applied. Change stickers to match your style as and when you want to
  • Manufactured in the UK with patented technology

Available for:

  1. Dexcom G6 Transmitter
  2. Dexcom Receiver
  3. Freestyle Libre 1 & 2 Transmitter
  4. Libre Reader/Scanner
  5. Omnipod Insulin Pump
  6. Omnipod DASH PDM
  7. Novopen 4, 5, 6 and Echo
  8. Medtronic 640/680/780g Insulin Pump
  9. T-Slim Insulin Pump
  10. Contour Next One Glucose Meter
  11. MiaoMiao2 Transmitter

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